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The holidays are coming up quickly!

The holidays are coming up quickly!

The time has come to plan your holiday events! Impasto offers a catering service at a location of your choice. It is also possible to reserve our restaurant for a private event. Group menus available. We offer many options; contact us for details. We can be reached at 514-508-6508 or by email at info@impastomtl.com to reserve.

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Stefano grew up in Little Italy behind the counter of Dante’s, the family business run by his uncle and mother Elena Faita. He has published three best selling cookbooks and participates in numerous television shows. You can currently see him on CBC’s In the kitchen or on TVA’s Al Dante. Impasto is his first restaurant.


With his experience as head chef of several restaurants in the city, most recently Osteria Venti, Michele Forgione, who is also a pastry chef, opens his first restaurant in collaboration with Stefano. He takes pride in developing a menu full of the best specialties Italian cuisine has to offer.


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